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This Minimalist Bi-Fold Wallet is a classic wallet with ample room for unfolded bills. It has 6 interior pockets to fit all your cards in a downsized carry. Made with premium US leather. Laser cut and handcrafted in the US.

This week’s voting products are now live! Comment on your favorite to get $10 in store credit. Vote here:
Mark every country you’ve been to with this Stitch Passport Cover. It is a real leather cover perforated in the shape of the world map, so every country visited can be marked with a cross. It comes with a ‘travel’ and thread, ready to use on your travels!

Atelier YUL curates a range of high-quality leather minimalist carry-alls originally designed for architects. The founder of Atelier, Cece de la Montagne, an architect herself, was inspired to create an elegant catch-all transport device for all her papers and designs. 

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